Amanda Daly

Designer + Developer


Cloisterham Design Process

sketch of cloisterham logo


The Cloisterham Case Files is a transmedia webseries by Pencil Ink Productions, based on The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens. As a mystery series with a female lead, the design started with female noir eyes around a custom type lockup.

dark version of cloisterham logo

Digital Draft

I moved the sketch onto a dark blue file folder, as per the request of the director. A river running through a forested mountain range calls on the setting of the series and balances the design.

light version of cloisterham logo


On review, the preproduction team and I decided that the dark blue, while dramatic, didn't provide enough contrast to make the design easily visible. Wanting to keep the blue, we lightened the shade until it was akin to a Hardy Boys novel. This was the finalized design.

Logos + Letters

letter m over rose

The Misselthwaite Archives

A modern day literary-inspired transmedia webseries based on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This logo was created to read clearly on both website headers and small video thumbnails. Made for Pencil Ink Productions.

solis continuum logo

Solis Continuum

The name SOLIS CONTINUUM means continuity of the sun in latin. Solis Continuum is a trading and engineering company in the renewable energy sector. Made for Design at Epicodus.

green plug and wrench logo


A simple and clean logo for a garage specializing in electric vehicle repair and servicing. Made for Design at Epicodus.


block cooperative wireframe

Block Cooperative

Home page for a cooperative workspace, designed around a fill image and a gradient. Made for Design at Epicodus.

Graham Jones Site wireframe

Professional Template

Practice homepage for a software developer focusing on custom icons and color schemes. Made for Design at Epicodus.

blue heron healing arts

Blue Heron Healing Arts

An upgraded design for the existing website for Blue Heron Healing Arts. Added new header image, consistent fonts, and responsiveness.